Racing the Stork!

Grandchild #2 was born four days after her OB’s predicted arrival. Since OB’s are generally pretty accurate about predicting birthdays, the whole family was on “Stork Watch” for about two weeks. Different family members took turns staying at our son’s home prior to the due date to give his exhausted wife a chance to rest from the demands of an active three year old. Lack of sleep, weeks of ineffective contractions and the fear of an unassisted home birth had her on tenterhooks.

There was no royal helicopter nor army of reporters camped outside of her door, just a nervous husband at work with cell phone in hand, and family members timing contractions, as we balanced the tyranny of the urgent with the impending birth.

My husband and I were 90 minutes away when the long-awaited phone call came. Second births are usually quicker than first deliveries and we were not sure we would be able to arrive in time. As it was, we arrived at the hospital with over three hours to spare.

Both grandmothers were allowed to join our son and daughter in the labor and delivery room and we encouraged, provided moral support, and visited as we waited. And, we both nearly missed the event!

Labor was not moving very quickly, and we were told that it could be a few more hours before the baby was born. When asked to step out for a procedure, we wandered down to the waiting room to update the rest of the family assembled there that it promised to be a long night. Unexpectedly, a nurse raced in and yelled, “Hurry! You need to be back there NOW!” We ran to the labor room and found it had been transformed into a delivery room, complete with a team of doctors. We barely had time to assume our positions before the delivery. A few quick pushes, and our grandchild was born!

I am astounded and speechless by the miracle of birth and am so grateful to be a part of this moment. Hello, little one! We are so happy for you to join our family and are thrilled to be a part of your welcoming committee! And I am delighted to have raced the stork and won!


A Taste of my Own Medicine…

I love to give advice. I think it is one of the things I do best. And, when I make suggestions, I am frequently told, “Oh, that is such a great idea! I am going to start doing that!”

It is far easier to give advice to others than to give advice to yourself.

At a recent family reunion, a relative shared with me that she wants to write books. She has several plot lines floating around in her head but hasn’t put anything down on paper because it seems like an overwhelming, time consuming task. I asked if she could spare thirty minutes a day. A half an hour isn’t much time, and she said that she could. My suggestion was to make an appointment to write for ONLY thirty minutes a day, every day. Set a timer and don’t worry about writing perfect paragraphs. Just write!

This exercise will develop the habit of writing and her books will eventually be recorded. And I heard that familiar response again, thanking me for the good idea and the determination to begin implementing my suggestion.

I was only allowed to bask in the moment for a short time. The Holy Spirit began to prod me about doing the very same thing.

I am frequently encouraged to write. And I try, but I lack the consistency of a routine. I start strongly, but quickly lose momentum and put writing back on the bottom of my priority list until someone or something nudges me to begin writing again.

When I think I have run out of interesting things to say, the blog fizzles .

But, thirty minutes isn’t too much time. I think I can write for thirty minutes. I think I can take a taste of my own medicine!