Star Struck

My cat is a celebrity.  I remember how odd it felt when my children first began to experience a life outside of my realm of influence; the first time I met someone who knew me by my association as their mother took me by surprise.  That is normal.  Children are supposed to grow up and develop a life outside of the home, but my cat? 


There is a pet-friendly hotel that is mid-way on our journey to and from Florida and we have stopped there every time we have traveled back and forth.  The cats travel in their kennel and roam the room at night as we are sleeping.  They are very well-behaved and have made an impression on the hotel staff, particularly Buster, the Maine Coon.


As we checked in last weekend we were warmly greeted by the staff, and then were asked, “Did you bring your BIG cat?”  Yes, Buster has a life outside of the home.  The desk clerk asked me to bring him down so she could “meet” him once we were settled in our room.


I dressed him in his harness and leash and let him explore the lobby as she helped other guests.  He caused quite a stir when I lifted him up to watch through the windows to the pool, and was petted and made over by people coming in and out of the elevator.  The desk clerk was enthralled. 


He enjoyed all of the attention and endeared himself to everyone he met.  I am known as the woman with the big red cat.  How funny is that?


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